My enthusiasm for audio goes all the way back to my teen years as a car audio enthusiast. My 1964 Ford Fairlane 500 was the learning ground for my initiation in the audio realm, as well as many other areas of learning.

I eventually reached a point in my life where my enthusiasm outgrew my knowledge base and I had to go to school and get the basics under my belt. After completing my degree I had the good fortune of  being taken in by local legend Mark Dopkins of “The Good Guys’ and worked with him for the first year and a half of my repair career.

I then took on the challenge of the world of the recording studio. I worked for Paisley Park Studios under the guidance of Senior Technician Sal Greco. It was an amazing experience that not only expanded my ability to service equipment but to also relate very closely to clients needs.

When the studio closed to the public, I continued to privately support several studios in the Minneapolis/St.Paul and surround areas, including: Paisley Park Studios, Oarfin Studios, Pachyderm Studios and more. As my full time profession I took on the challenges of the commercial audio and video world and continued this for 5 years.

My last opportunity before my current venture was to work for Bosch Communication Systems as the Senior Technician for Midas and Klark Teknik for the Americas. As a service center we provided service for all Midas and Klark Teknik products for North, Central and South America. I had the opportunity to travel to many on site locations for service and meet many of the industries greatest talent. It was a great experience.

With all of this experience and knowledge it became time to venture off as my own company to provide service and support to the audio world.

The story of my career continues on and I invite you to give me and opportunity to make you part of the continuing story!