Welcome to Sawyer Audio!

Posted by Jim

Welcome to Sawyer Audio!

After 20 plus years in the audio industry I have opened my own Audio repair service and am ready to create efficient cost effective repair service for all of your audio needs! Whether it be your large format mixing console, outboard audio processing, pro audio amplification or your guitar amplifier and pedals I can provide a one-stop solution for you.

As an 8 year veteran as the Senior Technician for Midas and Klark, I am the analog Midas and Klark Teknik specialist that you are looking for! Depending on your timeframe and needs repairs can be done in my shop or on site!

Please feel free to contact me at 952-210-3057 or at jim@sawyeraudio.com

If you are local to the Minneapolis St. Paul area I can be located at:
1041 2nd Street Nw.
New Brighton, Minnesota

13 Responses to “Welcome to Sawyer Audio!”

  1. M. Wilson Says:

    Best repairman in the USA and Canada. Quick turn around!

  2. Tim Driscoll Says:

    By far the BEST repair guy around. Saved me a ton of money on my QSC amp. Very fair prices. Very fast turnaround and simply a GREAt person to do bussiness with.

  3. Brent Sigmeth Says:

    During my years as an engineer at Pachyderm Studio, I would refer to Jim as “The King of Troubleshooting”. He worked so fast that I needed a pot of coffee in me just to keep up! (and no, Jim did not ask me to write this – ha!)

  4. Zac Bates Says:

    Extremely pleased. Very reasonable rates, super fast service, and educational. Fixed my Mackie HRS120 subwoofer amp. The previous 3 comments are smack on.

  5. Jamie West Says:

    Delivers above and beyond client expectations. I look forward working Jim, he is one of most motivated, personable and professional repair person in our industry.

  6. Kevin Manz Says:

    Jim is a true pro. Fast turn around and fair pricing. I restore vintage audio and having him repair in such a timely manor gets my gear up for sale quickly.

  7. Michael Madich Says:

    Very pleased with the work Jim did on vintage amps for me. Highly recommend Jim.

  8. Dave Bohmann Says:

    I’ve had the benefit of working with Jim in the field. Just soaking up a 1/10th of Jim’s consummate professionalism has made me a better engineer. Recently, I took some high end audio equipment to him for repair. He deduced the issue almost immediately and fixed the issue even faster! If you care about your equipment like I do, you could not find better hands to put them in! Jim is the real deal!

  9. Richard Stuard Says:

    very nice and the best of what a pro should be . you will never go wrong using him .thanks Jim

  10. don robertson Says:

    Hello from Nebraska !
    We have a 1976 Pro 04 that I like to use on occasion . I would like to have a spare input strip for this desk . It is loaded with both Pro 04s and 04a , and either one would be fine. Do you have any leads ?

    thanks !

  11. Anthony Says:

    I had inherited a Pioneer sx-780 and a Dual 521 turntable from my grandparents. They appeared to be in mint condition, however they had electrical issues from sitting unused for 20+ years. I called all over the metro and was unable to find any shop who knew how to repair both units, was reasonably priced, or wasn’t going to make me wait for half a year before they made the repairs. Jim tackled the task in less than a week and for half the price of the reviews i read on google of other shops. I was thrilled with the whole process and so glad i was lucky enough to find Jim.

  12. Bill Says:

    I needed some work done on some 80s gear and Jim was the right tech for the Job. His experience goes well beyond the gear that I can bring him and the fact that he is local to me is icing on the cake. I will be bringing more equipment to him in the future!

  13. Carlos Maria Perrone Says:

    Jim, is a great technical support and a great person,
    All my queries are resolved instantly, always ready to help me.
    I really feel honored to have him all the time.
    Thanks Jim.

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